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For the Storytellers

A blog post in honor of my first book release. Before humans found a way to leave this world, to birth themselves from their mother into the open void of perceived infinity, they first learned math. (This is totally how middle school teachers write and speak.) I don’t know about you, but math is notContinue reading “For the Storytellers”

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Broken People

It’s interesting to live in times where the young are so quick to label themselves with various mental illnesses, disorders, or generalized anxieties. (Perhaps they have diagnoses as well that they’re also open about.) And every other week is “awareness” week for something or other. (Geez, I feel old writing that sentence.) I’m not sureContinue reading “Broken People”

My Dark Vanessa

Trigger warning. Spoiler warning. I’d like to say that I am being completely open in my review of this book. That in my words I am bringing you into the deep, dark parts of my soul that I’ve never brought anyone else before. I imagine that I’ll bring you close. I’ll string up a laundryContinue reading “My Dark Vanessa”


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